Pay Per Click Search Activity Restrictions

This directive addresses suppliers or resellers of TML services, and price comparison and/or service switching companies, hereafter referred to as Affiliates.

Pay Per Click (PPC) search activity and brand name bidding is strictly forbidden by Telecommunications Management Limited trading as TML, hereafter referred to as TML.

The "TML" keyword are brands exclusive to TML and must not be referenced in any paid search advertising which may compete against historic, current, or future TML paid search strategies for its products and services.

Affiliates are forbidden to bid on any "TML", or any derivation or misspelling (broad, match, broad match modifier, phrase or exact) of those brand names.

Affiliates are required to add these exclusive brands as broad match negatives across their paid search accounts. This extends to brand plus derivatives such as, but not exclusively confined to, "TML Broadband", "TML Fibre", "TML Mobile", "TML Full-fibre", "TML telephony".

Affiliates are not permitted to bid on misspelled, or variations of TML brand names (whether combined with service names) as a keyword within paid search activity.

Affiliates must not use domain names that contain TML brand names, any derivative of these brand names, or any domain name that would directly or indirectly associate TML with a third-party'’'s website or online sales collateral.